Beautiful Wien

A city with everything ❤️

I visit Wien in August and this trip included everything for a pleasant and diverse vacation. This city has it all!

History and modern life is combined and you can enjoy a culture that has a lot to say on a global level. We stayed at the City Stay Lugek Apartment which is at 3 minutes walk from the city center.

Schonbroon Palace is a place where you can learn about royalty and etiquette. They’re large land also include the zoo, a green labyrinth, botanical garden and hidden spots like small caffes.

Schonbrunn Palace Schonbrunn Palace

Madame Tussaud Museum is or should be on everybody list for visiting where you get to learn thing and get fun in the same time. A lot of instagrammed spots at every corner.

Madame Tussaud Madame Tussaud

If you are a chocolate lover then don’t miss the Chocolate Museum where you can enter a chocolate making class and make your own.

The aquarium is very interesting where after a long tour through many species you can enjoy a city view from the last floor. Love it!

The Swarovsky experience is free and very shiny and you can find it in the city center among other luxury shops like Prada, Channel and many more. Also don’t miss Prater Amusement Park with the big Ferris Wheel that is giving a beautiful panoramic view.

The best viennese schnitzel is at Figlmuller and you can enjoy it after a 30 minutes wait in line. Lugek is also a best choise if you are hungry and can’t wait.👍🏻👍🏻👍

Viennese Schnitzel at Figlmüller Viennese Schnitzel at Figlmüller

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