What is

Hero Traveler?

About Us

Launched in 2019, Hero Traveler is the first travel-focused social media platform, completely dedicated to empowering a new generation of traveler with the information they need to ensure they have the most authentic travel experience possible!

Our Mission

We believe travel can change the world.
Our mission is to use storytelling and original travel themed content as vehicle to motivate humans to go out and explore the world in attempt to inspire the change we need to make it better.

Travel Advice You Can Trust

Hero Traveler knows how time consuming and stressful planning your next vacation can be. That's why we built this platform that allows users to create, share, plan, and ultimately book travel experiences curated by their peers and travel experts we match you with based on your travel profile!

Travel Storytelling

We are trying to bring back storytelling back to social media. Hero Traveler turns everyone into a travel journalist. Our publishing feature allows travelers everywhere to write stories, articles and what we like to think of as recommendations, not reviews. Our technology then makes it easy for travelers seeking information to find the content they need to help them make better travel decisions.

Become a Contributor

What set's Hero Traveler apart from other travel platform is our curated group of global travel contributors. These contributors are comprised of some of the most accomplished and up and coming travel writers, social media influencers, creators, photographers and local experts in the world. This community of travel creators serves as our editorial team of journalist, filmmakers and in field reports.