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Ruko’s Cafe Canggu

The friendly neighborhood cafe

Ruko Café is a friendly neighbourhood establishment in Canggu, Bali, which caters to the Westerner’s taste with Balinese characteristics.

You can sit either inside or outside Ruko Cafe. The chic interior of the cosy air-conditioned café is designed by local Indonesian artist, Kuro Nero (@kuro_keno_tattooer). They serve their own unique Indonesian blend of coffee (Cappuccino and Latte RP30,000). For every cup they sell, Ruko Café donates 5% of their sales to the Bali Children Foundation in an effort to support local children’s education.

Everything served is well presented and decorated and what’s prettier than a Balinese Smoothie Bowl? The Island Green Bowl (RP65,000) and Pitaya Smoothie Bowl (RP65,000) were full of goodness.

The Pitaya Smoothie Bowl was topped with Dragonfruits & Banana to make an eye pleasing choice while the Island Green Bowl really was a concoction of practically every local fruit grown on the island.

There’s a selection of delicious things from their All-Day Breakfast menu, like the Avo Smash (RP60,000), or you can build your own custom-made breakfast. You can choose the type of toasted bread it comes with, including Gluten Free (RP10,000).

You can get substantial lunch options, too, such as burgers and sandwiches. The Chicken & Avo toastie, layered with cheddar cheese, (RP50,000) is filling and tasty. You can reduce the calories by turning any sandwich into a wrap for an extra 10k.

Wash it all done with one of the largest fresh coconuts (RP20,000) you’re likely ever to have, or be extremely healthy with a bottle of Goodlife Kombucha (RP55,000).

Ruko Café is a great place to go for something delicious to eat or to lounge for a while with your laptop and a great cup of coffee. All of the prices are inclusive of taxes and services.

The Island Green Bowl (RP65,000) and Pitaya Smoothie Bowl (RP65,000) The Island Green Bowl (RP65,000) and Pitaya Smoothie Bowl (RP65,000)
Chicken \x26 Avo toastie (RP50,000) Chicken & Avo toastie (RP50,000)