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My Favourite Places to Eat & Work

October// 2019

I love being based in Bali and one of the many reasons for this is the food! It doesn’t matter which cafe I choose to get my morning coffee from, or where I decide to eat brunch, or if I’m planting myself there for a 9 hour day behind the laptop- there are a plethora of options with so much variety, it’s impossible to get bored! I’ve made a list of a couple of my favourite cafes in Canggu that I spend majority of my time eating and working at!

How is this Spread!? How is this Spread!?

The area of Canggu is split into two main roads. You’ll find most hotels, restaurants & bars along Batu Bolong. But, my favourite place to hang out is Berawa, it’s a bit more chilled out and I just prefer the vibes here. Getting between these two streets is a bit of a nightmare- the “Canggu Shortcut” is an incredibly narrow, raised road between rice fields that can barely fit more than the width of a car. So when I am planning my day and where I’ll be eating, I definitely consider which side of the shortcut I’ll be on to avoid crossing it multiple times!

Veggie Breakfast at Satu Satu Veggie Breakfast at Satu Satu

One of my favourite places in Berawa is Satu Satu Coffee Company- this place is notoriously famous for it’s coffee (shocker)! But if you’re after a hearty breakfast or a healthy smoothie bowl, you can’t go wrong here! The rainbow jug is especially delicious, they blend together dragonfruit, a bunch of greens and banana to create a triple layered colourful jug that is irresistible!

Almost Looks Too Good to Eat! Almost Looks Too Good to Eat!

Also located in Berawa, is Duatiga. I find I spend hours and hours at this cafe, it has such a good work environment and the menu is so vast I could eat all three meals here in 1 day and not get over it. The all day brunch menu has a selection of quirky healthy options such as smashed peas & avo on toast with poached eggs, not to mention their smoothie bowls- my favourite is the mango gembira. With their attentive, smiling staff and top quality food, this place is hard to beat!

Protein Bowl at Duatiga Protein Bowl at Duatiga

If I’m looking for a dinner option around Berawa, my go to is always Peloton Supershop. This quaint little cafe is everything plant based and the food is to die for! When Em came to Bali for the first time, I took her here and didn’t tell her it was all vegan- she couldn’t even tell! The tick’n parmy actually tastes like real chicken!

So Many Greens at Peloton So Many Greens at Peloton

Now heading across the shortcut to the side of Batu Balong, two of my favourites are so close to each other; The Avocado Factory & Secret Spot. If you’re looking for an avocado fix, this green little hub serves avocado everything! The presentation of the plates makes the food almost too good to eat!

How Good is Avocado Though!? How Good is Avocado Though!?

Just down the road from The Avo Factory is the new Secret Spot. There is actually one located in Berawa too, but because it is so popular I prefer the one across the shortcut. I haven’t come across many cafes in Bali that have air conditioning so Secret Spot is definitely another place where I love to work! The food here is also all vegan and the chocolate waffles are probably the best I’ve ever had!

We Get Very Excited About Our Food

Copenhagen Canggu is tucked away on the road leading down to Echo beach, still classified as Batu Balong, and this is a little piece of home for me while I’m based in Bali. Don’t get me wrong though, you definitely don’t need to be Danish to appreciate the beautifully designed cafe and delicious food. Their menu is almost like a tapas style, you select what you want by ticking the boxes and the portion sizes are smaller so it’s great for sharing with friends! I’ve tried their breakfast, lunch and dinner menu and can’t fault it at all! A definite crowd pleaser here are the cinnamon buns.

Such a Cute Cafe Vibe
Because Who Doesn\x27t Love Cheese!? Because Who Doesn't Love Cheese!?

So there you have it, a bunch of my favourite places to eat and work in Canggu. I have barely scratched the surface on this though, there are LOADS of incredible cafes and vibey restaurants located all along Berawa and Batu Balong, the only problem is I don’t ever have enough time to try them all out!

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