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Romantic Getaway - Ubud

August// 2019

When given 1 week to show someone around Bali, making sure you visit all the best and most memorable locations, there is no way you can’t have Ubud on your itinerary.

Ubud in many ways, is Bali's cultural heart, at least as far as visitors are exposed – heading further north can show the true rural and micro-local cultures which are incredible, but they can be quite difficult to access and are typically very remote. To be guaranteed cultural experiences and happenings, a trip to Ubud is of the essence.

This is however not the only reason for you to visit – the nature surrounding the town of Ubud is unmatched in the expected Bali vibes, ie. deep green jungle feels! The gorgeous nature is because of its geo/topographical situation, being located in the cooler and higher altitudes in the low mountains in central Bali (about an hour's drive north of the airport without traffic).

Due to the climate, there is a plethora of agricultural practices mostly consisting in masses, of the cultivation of rice, in beautifully gorgeous displays – which was heavily exampled in the previous post, outlining specifically; Tegalalang. That incredible rice terrace complex is likely to be the most visited in all of Asia at the moment (just a guess – but at least in Bali that’s for sure!) However – Ubud is not just a place to experience culture or visit gorgeous sights, it is also the perfect place for a romantic, relaxing and/or peaceful getaway.

Emma & I were invited to Ubud by Inivie Hospitality to see their newest set of Villas at Aksari Resort. The resort is located in Kenderan Village which is only 25 minutes from the centre of town. Surrounded by lush green valleys & rice fields this is the perfect place for us to have our own little romantic trip away from our otherwise incredibly busy schedule!

Our villa turned out to be positioned perfectly for the morning light reigning in over the jungle towering around the resort - so what better way to start the day than with a floating breakfast in the pool - talk about vacation vibes! This was another thing on the list I needed to check off for Emma’s visit as it has become almost a must for any visit in Bali, to have at least one floating breakfast (quite unnecessary, but a cool experience nevertheless).

Breafsat Goals Breafsat Goals

Ubud has an unmatched amount of resorts that each seem to have their own little corner of jungle property, never disturbing the peace and intimacy of one another despite being neighbour properties, so I highly recommend a few nights at one of these resorts just outside the centre of town because it really is worth it!

Aksari Resort from Above Aksari Resort from Above
Paradise! Paradise!

Typically you can live all your Bali vacation dreams at these resorts as they have all adapted to the needs that we have from all the photos we have seen online! I’m talking massive floaties, floating breakfasts, flower baths, private couple spa treatments at the villa, and even going as far as filling an entire pool with flowers to surprise your significant other!

This was SO FUN!

When traveling to the island of the God’s, I would boldly state that Ubud is a must visit no matter what, but giving yourself a few days here at one of these gorgeous resorts -away from the hustle and bustle found in the centre of town, is an experience you wont regret. It lets you get a real delicious glorified taste of the nature and calm hospitality of Bali, and also stay near a ton of attractions which are surely on your list of to-do’s during your stay!

That’s it for now friends – happy travels and let me know if you need any recommendations on favourite spots in and around Ubud to visit or stay!

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