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Throwback to Egypt

January// 2019

It’s crazy to think how fast time goes, exactly this time last year I was in Egypt and it was one of the most memorable, incredible trips I’ve ever been on! Egyptian history has always fascinated me, I was always a little nerd when it came to this sort of stuff, because it simply didn’t make any sense to me and always made me question the methods and abilities involved in the way they lived back then.

How Cool is This Dude How Cool is This Dude
Overlooking the City of Cairo Overlooking the City of Cairo

I was lucky enough to spend eight full days in Egypt, travelling all the way from Cairo to Aswan covering all the highlights along the way. We visited loads of different temples including; Temple of Karnak, Edfu Temple, Kom Ombo Temple, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, Philae Temple, Abu Simbel and Luxor Temple by night. We also spent three relaxing days sailing down the Nile River on a felucca (a traditional wooden sailing boat used in the eastern Mediterranean), watching beautiful scenery and absorbing the stunning temples along the coast. Exploring the Valley of the Kings - also known as “City of the Dead”, was definitely a day that stood out for me on this trip. It's home to fancy royal tombs carved into desert rocks and filled with treasures for the Pharaoh afterlife.

Karnak Temple Karnak Temple
Our Felucca Our Felucca

The Sphinx and the Giza Pyramids were one of my favourite locations, ever, hands down - with and without a camera - this place blew me away! Getting to see the Great Giza Plateau, hosting one of the least understood wonders of the world was a dream come true. I never have and never will understand how they were able to build structures like the Sphinx and Pyramids, with such perfection and attention to detail, finally seeing the scale really makes it all seem even less possible! I simply can’t believe that this was done by a large group of people in the period that it was expected to be built, it just makes no sense to me. Never the less, being lucky enough to be here and see them with my own eyes was incredible!

Tourist Mode Tourist Mode

Mosque of Muhammad Ali in Cairo blew me away! I had no idea what to expect when we were headed there as I purposely didn’t look it up before the trip, and it caught me 100% by surprise. The golden afternoon light was a perfect addition to the already gorgeous scene in front of us! I had visited the mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca ,on a recent trip to Morocco and it was just as crazy as the mosque in Cairo! I was lucky enough, in less than a month to of visited the two biggest mosques I’ve ever seen, and it makes me want to go see so many more.

Mosque of Muhammad  Ali Mosque of Muhammad Ali
And From The Inside And From The Inside

Egypt, a location and trip that will be very hard to top! Easily one of my best ever experiences, was visiting this fascinating country and learning about all the historical civilisation. I mean, the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas are definitely up there, but there is just something that really stood out about Egyptian history to me.

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