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Tower House - The 4 Story Bamboo Palace

October// 2019

We all know bamboo houses are a massive trend in Bali at the moment and the ’Tower House’ at Green Village is no exception. This multi-level house has enough space to host an entire family!

Walk-through From Top to Bottom

This bamboo house has an aesthetically pleasing circular feeling to it, from the walls and entrances to the furniture all existing in harmonious design. When I say it’s got enough space to host a whole family, I’m not kidding - There are two double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and another bedroom with double bunkbeds- this means a total of 8 guests can occupy this house comfortably at the same time! The name “Tower House” comes from the bamboo ‘tower’ on the top floor, which is where the master bedroom is hosted. There is also a spacious living area on the first floor with countless lounging options and even a hammock! Relaxing is made easy here with the sound of the river flowing below the panoramic bamboo & forest views!

The Tower..
The Master Bedroom High Above the Trees! The Master Bedroom High Above the Trees!
Not a Bad Place to Read a Book Not a Bad Place to Read a Book

The large bamboo ‘basket/cocoon room’ (note that this is probably not the real name of this feature haha) is equipped with a big TV and most importantly - Netflix! This is the perfect chill room to round off your hard day of relaxing.

From Inside the Basket/ Cocoon Room From Inside the Basket/ Cocoon Room

This luxury villa is honestly astonishing. Words can’t describe how much thought, attention to detail and overall passion must have gone into the designing and construction of this incredible place! The entire structure is made almost entirely from bamboo, and the structures were built by hand - and what’s best is that it blends in perfectly with the classic central-Bali nature surrounding it! Pretty incredible how passionate structural design, coupled with bamboo, brass, copper and stone can create sustainable, luxurious floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, and railings. It honestly blows my mind!

Looking Down from the 3rd Floor Looking Down from the 3rd Floor

Before visiting Green Village, I had seen pictures on social media (mainly Instagram) of some of the neighbouring houses - but I never knew this peaceful little complex was actually home to 18 bamboo houses and villas! The village is not just a collection of individual houses, but rather - it’s a fairly big community! The whole concept of the village derives from the hopes of creating an educational environment with focus on nature and sustainability. The gorgeous bamboo homes found here literally come from the love for intellect and learning - that, coupled with the unbelievable jungle surroundings, and the sounds of the river and animals outside, make this the perfect spot to become one with nature and enjoy a good read.

Testing Out My Drone Skills..

Green Village has been recognized as one of Bali’s most remarkable communities in sustainable living and housing and it is no surprise why! Located in the middle of the jungle, in Central Bali, just 30 minutes by scooter from Canggu and Ubud, these houses (and in particular the Tower House) are a cozy living space for a family and friend trips, that offer a comfortable alternative to the hustle and bustle of the busier Bali destinations. The world-famous Green School is about a 20 minute walk from Tower House - here, the education is designed around the principles of an organic permaculture system.

Taking My Drone Flying Skills to a New Level
Best Seat in the House for Sunrise Best Seat in the House for Sunrise

This place is a bamboo paradise! Perched on the sacred Ayung River and surrounded by the lush Balinese forest, Green Village is a tranquil community that I never knew existed. So unbelievably grateful to of been able to stay in the Tower House and learn all about this eco-friendly community.

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