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Two Day Getaway - Uluwatu


Known for its clifftop views and being home to some of Bali’s best beaches and surfbreaks, Uluwatu is a stunning destination that still has that “untouched” feel about it, even though it is one of the most popular destinations in Bali. Emma had never been, so we booked a 2 night getaway through and hit the jackpot with the Hilton Bali Resort! It was in a great location for beach, viewpoints, food spots, etc.

This Place Was Unreal!
Emma Enjoying the Pool at the Hilton Emma Enjoying the Pool at the Hilton

We spent 3 days scooting around the southern peninsula of Bali so I could show Em some of my favourite places! Our first destination was Balangan Beach. The view from the top is incredible, white sand stretching for about 200 meters with panoramic views over the Indian Ocean. These are not uncommon views down in Uluwatu, as opposed to the northern half of Bali which will be covered in mostly darker sands due to the volcanic landscapes. Most beaches in Uluwatu are popular among surfers, ranging from locals and foreigners from all over the world. This is because of the consistency, throughout the day conditions should be good at several different times. While we were there admiring the view and watching the surfers, we witnessed a bunch of wedding photo shoots going on - clearly this also seems to be a popular destination for people to come and get all dressed up and have a photo shoot, in a lot of clothes, in bright daylight… and 34 degrees C˚ - it was super random.

Not a Bad View Not a Bad View

Balangan Beach From The Sky

With such a plethora of spots to enjoy both sunrises and sunsets, it’s no surprise that Uluwatu holds a special place in the heart of many Bali travelers. Our first sunset spot was another beach that funnily enough, is also one of the most demanded surfing points by surfers in Bali! Bingin Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches; it’s secluded, has crystal clear water, tight & heavily vegetated cliffs, and the perfect waves! I took Em to my favorite beach café (Kelly’s Warung) perched above the waves, with unrivalled views of the ocean - the perfect place to watch the sun go down and enjoy a tropical atmosphere and the salty sea breeze.

Timelapse Of The Incredible Sunset
Drinks with a View Drinks with a View

Being from Australia, I knew Em would love the white sandy beaches and the laid-back surfing vibes of Uluwatu - even if you aren’t looking to surf, it’s still an amazing place to spend a few days to catch the rays and enjoy all the views, beaches and cafés! Even though Uluwatu is growing in popularity, you still feel like you have your own space and it’s a little more relaxed compared to the busy streets of Kuta, Seminyak or Ubud.

Pantai Tegal Wangi was the next hotspot and it was nothing short of amazing as always - I love this spot because of its unique cliff/send combination at the beach! To add to its unique features, it sports a little cave that you can sit comfortably in and watch the sun set directly over the water in front of you. Of course this is a photography hotspot too, with good reason! Something to note: be careful of the waves at high tide, they can be very rough, breaking right on the shoreline, and quite high up!

An Incredible Place to Watch the Sunset An Incredible Place to Watch the Sunset

That’s it for now folks! If you’re headed to Uluwatu, these locations might come in handy to spice up your itinerary if you didnt have them mapped in yet! And seriously, look into that Hilton getaway on tinggly, it was so easy and definitely improved our time in Uluwatu as it was a STUNNING spot to enjoy the sunrise - and they had great facilities, and a mega breakfast!

Sunrise From Our Bedroom at the Hilton

Next post will be more about Uluwatu - will cover a few other of my favorite spots and why!